About Us


The Rain Hat Collection started in 2017 and is a family run business in rural Hampshire. We pride ourselves on handpicking the best rain hats made in the UK. 

Our primary focus is to work with British milliners to bring beautiful and unique rain hats to our customers. Quality of craftsmanship is at the heart of everything that we do. Millinery is a traditional craft that we want to promote and we are incredibly lucky to work alongside some fantastic milliners. Together we want to keep you dry whilst looking stylish

I love my work, mainly due to the fun and wonderful milliners that I work with. My customers too give me such joy, I love chatting to them be it at shows, on the phone or by email; so many have become repeat customers and I am truly grateful for each purchase and loyal customer I have.

Thank you if you are already a customer and hopefully if you are going to become one, I hope that we can serve you for many years to come. After all as one customer told me "I treat myself to one of your rain hats once a year"

Happy shopping

Katrine Orr - Owner



Our fabulously talented milliners 
Proppa Toppa                               Peak & Brim               
                  JoJo Hats                                                  Mijori Creative
           Bradleys Tannery                                           Olney Headwear